Dog training, Easy To Follow Instructions   

Are you considering the idea of hiring a professional dog trainer for your pet? Before you do, ask yourself what you want your dog to learn. More often than not, you can train your dog at home with basic commands. This, of course, only applies to pet owners who have the time, energy, and patience to do training but if you’re busy and your patience and temper are short, best if you leave the training to dog experts. Nevertheless, if you want to at least try to train your dog with the basics, this post can help. There are training instructions that are super easy to follow you just have to consistently practice them at least thirty minutes a day until your pet masters the tricks. Where should you start? What commands are important? Let’s find out.

The Sit Command

One basic command all dogs should learn is the ‘sit command’. It’s one of the basic dog commands. When your dog knows how to sit it will be easier for you to control it. It’s a good first step to prepare your dog for more complex and advanced commands in the future like ‘come’ and ‘stay’. How can you do the ‘sit’ command? It’s easy but for this training, you’ll need to prepare dog treats. Get a one treat and hold it close to your dog’s nose making sure your dog knows it’s a reward. And then slowly move your hand up into the air so that your dog’s nose will follow it. By this time, your dog will be in a sitting position where its bottom is lowered to the ground. When your dog is in that position you say the command word ‘sit’ and give your dog the treat. This command is only effective if you keep repeating it until your dog associates the word ‘sit’ to a specific position and then gets a reward for doing so. You can try to test your dog by saying the command word before a meal or when you go out with your dog for a walk.

The Come Command

Aside from the sit command, it’s also important to teach your dog the ‘come’ command. This is a very helpful command especially if you lose your grip on your dog’s leash in a public place that’s deemed unsafe or if you forgot to close the door and your dog got out of the house. How can you teach your dog the come command? First, you’ll need to place a leash and a collar around your dog’s neck. Go down to its level and say the command word ‘come’ and then gently pull the leash towards you. When your dog is near you, you can give your dog praise or a treat. Again, just like the sit command, you’ll need to repeat this over and over until your dog masters it.

The Down Command

The next command is the ‘down’ command. It’s more challenging to teach but nevertheless, with patience and repetition, your dog will sooner or later master it just like the sit and come command. In this command, your dog has to be in a submissive posture. To do the dog command you’ll need to prepare a nice treat for your dog. Hold it close to its nose. Once your dog sniffs it slowly move your hand that’s holding the treat down to the floor so that your dog will follow it. Then, move your hand so that it slides down to the ground. When you do this, your dog’s body will follow it. Now that your dog is in a down position, say the word ‘down’ clearly and loud enough for your dog to hear, and then give the treat and show your affection.


These commands are easy and they are helpful when your dog is interacting with other animals and humans in the real world. Again, if you don’t think you’ll be able to train your dog properly, you can always ask for help from dog trainers.